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Patend Printing Technology | Designs Tool with 3D Preview

Design Tool 2D for Leather and Fabric Sneaker

  • Customer Design his own shoe directly on your website.
  • Traffic on your website and not link and loosing customer and traffic to another website.
  • You get perfect print files from the customer design. Ready to print files!
  • Customer can buy custom product and a pre designed shoe (Limited Editions) from your shop
  • You can offer pre designs in the design tool and customer can only set text like name
  • The pricing in the design tool can raise by the amount of designed sides
  • For more informations about our powerful tool just ask our team!
  • Easy integration in any shop systems.
  • Integration via API also possible if you use your own shop system.
  • Layout of the design tool can set in your CI.
  • The design tool can integrate pre designed Shoes and the customer is only to able to add text like name.
  • Variations are also possible like coloured laces and so on.
  • After customer order you get perfect print files from the design tool in cmyk profile.
  • The design tool check the sizes and shows an alert message if the pic is not in perfect resloution.
  • Messaging which are important to get agreement from the customer are easy to create in your way of communication.
  • Art and Designs can also upload to the design tool. These can be use by the customer to design the shoe.
  • Please feel free to send us questions for more details about our design tools.

Design Tool with 3D Preview

  • Our design tool is aslo able to show 3D preview. The customer see what he will get in 3D realistic view. Also easy to handle on mobile phone.
  • If you want you can design directly in 3D view. Just click on the surface and change pics.
  • Our powerful design tool is ready for maximum great user experience and bring emotions to your products.
  • You send us your shoes and we create 3D models out of it.
  • Perfect 3D Models and UV mapping to get a perfect 3D preview or 3 designing experiences.
  • Please feel free and ask our team for more detailed informations.

Printing Service

We print on all Kind of shoes. We print on any material or Shape after final production. We get your shoes and print on.

  • Now shoes are boring in uni colours since hundred of years. If you produce or sell shoes with special designs you need to produce big batches or buy big batches.
  • If a design fail the shoes will not leave the shop and you burn money!?
  • If a design is a seller most some sizes like 35 or 48 will also stay on stock!?
  • All these pairs need to bring to sale and producing costs again.
  • This is how it works since hundred of years.
The competition to other manufacturer or reseller is amazing! You need to be different!


Textilo printing service on demand from quantity one changinge the game in an amazing way.

With our patend technology we are able to print on any shoe model!

The material or design is not a challenge for us. Projects in the past with big bands improves it.

The big benefits of printing on demand are:

  • From now you are able to offer digital products to your customers online  or show samples in your stores.
  • If a customer order one pair or more we starting to produce and set it as white label or in your ci to your customer directly.
  • On social media you can show digital products and selling limited editions every week without producing on stock!
  • Now if a design fail nothing happend because no pre production.
  • Now you can be different!
  • If you use our design tool customer can buy your shoes with their picture on it. Pictures with friends, family, memories, pets, designs, what ever they love.
  • Send a inquiry to us and we bring your shoes and brand to another level.

Our Products

You can also sell our products. Textilo products can fullfill for you and send directly to your customers in your packaging or white label boxes.